AV Technology


SilentLab partners up with NTT to bring you the ultimate video conference space equiped with the lastest AV technology in combination with excellent acoustic performance – all while maintaining its clean lines and unique design.

The videoconferencing equipment includes high-quality microphones, speakers and a 4K UltraHD camera with a 120° field of view that can handle automatic digital cropping of individual participants in the room. During online meetings you will appreciate the large-screen monitor with a 49″ UltraHD (4K) industrial display that captures the finest details. Our unique system of microphones also suppresses background noise and makes sure all speakers can be clearly understood. Compatibility with Cisco, Microsoft and ZOOM certainly provides a competitive advantage.

In addition to the videoconferencing equipment, the unit also includes a connection point built into the desk where you can connect your device through Multi-HDMI or a USB-C cable. If you use a USB-C cable, you can charge your device at the same time. The unit also has a universal electrical socket. The desk offers a wireless charger for your phone.

We also offer an optional booking system for our MICROOFFICE® QUADRIO to reserve the room through the calendar or right on the touch panel. Light signals let you know instantly whether the unit is currently in use or not. The panel interface includes other useful functions that allow you to order refreshments or report any problems that may arise.