BigSEE Product Design Award 2020

A triumph for Czech product design. Two-time winners of the international BigSEE Awards.

After last year’s success with the MICROOFFICE® UNIQ, this year SilentLab entered the MICROOFFICE® QUADRIO I into the competition. This soundproof MICROOFFICE® for two to four people caught the jury’s attention with its minimalist design, effective ventilation system and strong emphasis on high-quality acoustic materials.

“Our whole concept is built on modularity. You simply add more parts to make space for two to eight people with no structural changes to the original space,” comments Jaroslav Vendl, one of the founders of SilentLab. All our MICROOFFICE® units incorporate Clarity System  (innovative automatic ventilation system for keeping the air clean), electrical sockets, USB and LAN connections and a motion sensor that turns the light and ventilation on in the MICROOFFICE® automatically when someone comes in.

Like our other products, the MICROOFFICE® QUADRIO I design draws on minimalism. This product places a strong emphasis on top-quality acoustic materials and providing enough space for meetings with multiple participants. As architects Vojtěch Kaas and Jan Kalivoda explain, MICROOFFICE® is a response to the question of acoustic comfort in open-plan offices: “MICROOFFICE® offers ideal acoustic performance thanks to its layers of solid wood and other carefully chosen acoustic materials.”

About the BigSEE Awards: The Slovene BigSEE Awards aim to explore the creative and business potential in Southern and Eastern Europe. Awards are given in the categories Architecture, Interior, Product Design, Fashion Design, Wood and Creative Tourism.