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“These days well-being is a hot topic for every employer.
We at toi toi toi creative studio also place a great value
on well-being, which is why we decided to approach the
acoustics experts at SilentLab. Led by the photographers
Koy + Winkel, we managed to harmonise the individual
details and create offices of the future.”

The fast-growing Contentful GmbH is one of the most respected software companies in Germany, yet it still retains the spirit of a startup as it helps businesses build unique digital experiences. Their intention was to create a new standard for dynamic work environments while preserving the energy of a successful startup, expanding the workspace and bringing life and light into the office. The entire concept was taken on by designers from the toi toi toi creative studio, who implemented their inclusive design approach into an incredible five-storey newly constructed building in Berlin with a vision to combine modern open space with sustainable materials and vintage elements.

”As Contentful continues to grow, we have focused on making
our design flexible and multi-purpose in relation to work.“
– Co-founder T3 Melissa Amarelo –

Because silence and concentration are an essential part of any working environment and Contentful prides itself on the well-being of its employees, you will find SilentLab‘s MOSS acoustic objects and MICROOFFICE® PRIME soundproof offices inside. These serve as an oasis of silence even in the busiest of environments and as a unique way to add privacy to open space offices. The MOSS acoustic object, on the other hand, is not only a great functional element, but also a playful design piece that adds unique style and enhanced acoustics to a space.

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