SilentLab’s MICROOFFICE: A Haven of Quiet and Calm

Prague, 23 November 2023

SilentLab‘s range of portable acoustic office pods titled MICROOFFICE® aims to bring silence back into corporate work environments. With the rise of collaborative spaces in work settings, we concur silence will now indeed become golden….

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SilentLab introduces a new product for manufacturing, logistics and office environments: the SPARK FAMILY product line

Prague, 23 November 2023

SilentLab, a Czech manufacturer of acoustic design furniture, presents a new product innovation: the MICROOFFICE® SPARK⁴ soundproof meeting room. The highly durable acoustic room belongs to this year’s new SPARK FAMILY product line. This “quiet zone” can work in demanding production and logistics areas, healthcare facilities, and traditional office environments. The MICROOFFICE® SPARK⁴ differs from previous “booths” in particular by its highly resistant outer surface. It is made of powder-coated steel and can seat up to four people.

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Prague, 18 October 2023

We’re thrilled to introduce new member of SPARK FAMILY. This innovative acoustic pod is suitable for manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and office environments, thanks to its low-maintenance powder-coated steel exterior.


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Investing in office acoustics is very effective, says SilentLab boss

Prague, 11 October 2023

Research shows that appropriate acoustics in the office play an essential role in employee performance. It is worth addressing at the design stage, but there are also measures that can be implemented in existing spaces. “Investments in good acoustics pay off even in the most demanding cases within about half a year,” says Jaroslav Vendl, head of SilentLab, in an interview.

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Introducing a special collaboration: SilentLab & Brunner UK Showroom in London!

Prague, 1 August 2023

This exciting partnership blossomed after SilentLab’s exhibit at the Brunner showroom during Clerkenwell Design Week, fueled by the wonderful feedback received. Immerse yourself in the serene ambience created by our revolutionary acoustic pods in this bustling urban setting. Join us at the Brunner UK Showroom, located in the heart of Clerkenwell, where we proudly showcase our extraordinary MICROOFFICE® models, forming an electrifying alliance that redefines workspace solutions.

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SilentLab offers a smart solution – QUICK SHIP PROGRAM in Europe

Prague, 19 July 2023

Quick Ship program is the ultimate way to quickly acquire our iconic products, MICROOFFICE® PRIME and MICROOFFICE® QUADRIO I, delivered directly to your office or other predetermined locations anywhere in Europe. With Quick Ship, these selected products are prepared for shipment within one week, ensuring you receive our high-quality and modern solutions just in two weeks from the date of your order.

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Another Case study is out, see it for yourself.

Prague, 23 June 2023

The fast-growing Contentful GmbH is one of the most respected software companies in
Germany, yet it still retains the spirit of a startup as it helps businesses build unique digital
experiences. Their intention was to create a new standard for dynamic work environments
while preserving the energy of a successful startup, expanding the workspace and bringing
life and light into the office. The entire concept was taken on by designers from the toi toi
toi creative studio, who implemented their inclusive design approach into an incredible
five-storey newly constructed building in Berlin with a vision to combine modern open
space with sustainable materials and vintage elements.

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Discover the joint CASE STUDY of SilentLab and VERTI

Prague, 7 June 2023

“Simple, elegant, fully functional and focused on specific clientele.” That was the assignment
for the new offices and meeting space at the law firm Kocian Solc Balastik. What is important
to the law firm in meetings with clients is a representative appearance and high discretion,
which has to be matched by the interior of the meeting rooms. In order to achieve maximum
noise reduction, as well as to maintain the elegance and airiness of the whole concept.

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Visit us at international trade fairs

Try out the new MICROOFFICE® SPARK and other products at some of the international trade fairs we are attending this year. Come and see the latest trends from the world of design, architecture and furniture as well as the latest SilentLab product innovations.

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Visit us at trade fairs in 2023!

Prague, 31 January 2023

Come try out the new MICROOFFICE® SPARK as well as our other products at our first trade fair of the year, the Stockholm Furniture Fair on February 7 – 11th in Stockholm. Additionally, we hope to see you at the other trade fairs we attend this year such as Workspace Expo in Paris on April 4 – 6th or Trends & Traditions in Copenhagen on May 3rd. You can also come visit us in Chicago at NeoCon from June 12th to June 14th.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Avast Offices – Prague

Prague, 1 December 2022

CAPEXUS redesigned the expansive Avast offices with improved functionality and flexibility for a hybrid model in Prague, and we were part of it! With the goal to provide flexible and welcoming office spaces, the seven-month redevelopment included products such as MICROOFFICE PRIME and MICROOFFICE QUADRIO.

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Czech Company SilentLab Wins Prestigious Global Prize—Archiproducts Design Awards Winner 2022

Prague/Milan, 29 November 2022

The Czech company SilentLab won a prize at the international Archiproducts Design Awards 2022 (ADA) with its MICROOFFICE® REALM well-being acoustic meeting room. The new acoustic meeting room, which the domestic manufacturer launched this spring, won its second international design award just five months after being launched. The awards ceremony for the seventh annual prestigious ADA 2022 was held on 23 November in Milan. SilentLab won its first prize there, the Archiproducts Design Awards Winner 2020, for the MICROOFFICE® QUADRIO.

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Best of NeoCon

We are proud to announce our new wellbeing MICROOFFICE® REALM has won the gold award in the Best of NeoCon 2022 competition.

Prague, 21 June 2022

We attended NeoCon in Chicago last week, where we presented our new MICROOFFICE® REALM for the first time. And you know what? Our new wellbeing MICROOFFICE® won the gold award in the Best of NeoCon competition. Thank you all for visiting our stand and we look forward seeing you at NeoCon 2023. The European premiere of MICROOFFICE® REALM will be held at Orgatec trade fair in Germany.

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The Magazine Global Design News recalled that our MICROOFFICE® QUADRIO I won the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award as the ideal place for a one-on-one conversation with a colleague.

Prague, 18 May 2022

Jan Kalivoda and Vojtech Kaas from PROGRES ATELIER in collaboration with SilentLab present MICROOFFICE® QUADRIO, a soundproof and private meeting room suitable for any contemporary office. The project won the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award in 2020 and can be described as a “revolution in the working environment”.

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Visit us at trade fairs!

Prague, 3 May 2022

Our calendar is packed full in the coming months, so you can come see us at several international events. The first one is already taking place this week in Copenhagen: the Trends & Traditions fair. After that we’re off to London for Clerkenwell and Paris for Workspace Expo. Before the summer holidays start, you can look forward to seeing us in Milan for Fuorisalone and then in Chicago for the huge NeoCon show. You can see many of our products there, including our flagship MICROOFFICE® from the smallest PRIME or UNIQ to the largest QUADRIO IV. We are also planning a number of product innovations this year.

We look forward to seeing you.

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SilentLab, Czech Acoustics Design Manufacturer, Wins Prestigious World Award – iF Design Awards 2022

Prague, 3 May 2022

Czech company SilentLab won a prestigious prize at the international IF Design Awards 2022. The domestic manufacturer of acoustic design won in the Product Design category with its MICROOFFICE® UNIQ product. The IF Design Awards competition is one of the oldest awards for design which has been drawing attention to interesting design advances since 1954. Thanks to this award, MICROOFFICE® UNIQ achieved a global first in the field, which is a great international success for Czech design.

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Time is running out and preparations for the first of this year’s planned trade fairs are reaching their peak. We are looking forward to seeing you in person at Trends & Traditions in Copenhagen. Come and experience the comfort of our MICROOFFICE® acoustic meeting booths in person at stand number HV1500. We will have a MICROOFFICE® PRIME and QUADRIO there for you to try.

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MICROOFFICE® – Productive at first glance

You know what it’s like. You walk into a room and you don’t know why, but it feels like home. Everything just fits together. This happens often in restaurants, art galleries and theaters, but rarely in office spaces. Why is that? Can aesthetics actually improve work efficiency?

Productive work environments have become a hot topic in recent years, yet it is far from a straightforward discipline. Every office is made up of a multitude of components that hit each of us slightly differently. These details mean nothing in themselves; what matters is the impression the space leaves on us as a whole. What’s the best place to start?

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Our silence is officially exceptional

We couldn’t be happier! The latest measurements by TZUS (Technical and Test Institution for Construction Prague) showed that MICROOFFICE® has the best acoustics on the market.

The tests that showed the exceptional qualities of our MICROOFFICE® were carried out according to the new ISO 23351-1:2020, now used for all soundproofed spaces in the world. The results speak quite clearly: you will not find a mini office with better acoustics on the market. After the award-winning design, top-notch ventilation and excellent lighting, this makes just one more reason the MICROOFFICE® is worth the investment.

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NeoCon coming soon

The last fair we are part of this year is NeoCon in Chicago. When it comes to the interior design, NeoCon is amongst the most important events of the year. We can‘t miss a fair like this!

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Could you repeat that? Noise as the main enemy of productivity

Noise is one of the most common sources of discomfort in offices, with 70% of employees expressing dissatisfaction. High noise levels decrease productivity by an average of 6%, increasing stress and employee sickness along with it. Despite these findings, architects and designers still often think of noise as a minor nuisance. Will the “New Normal” change that?

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Discover our MICROOFFICES® in the redesigned Avast offices

Avast, a global leader in digital security and privacy, is opening its remodeled offices in Prague. The offices have been closed since March 2020 as a measure against the growing pandemic of COVID-19. The company has used that time to adapt the space to better suit the new hybrid working model introduced in January this year. The aim of the seven-month redevelopment led by our partner CAPEXUS was to offer employees flexible and welcoming spaces for focused activity, team collaboration, idea generation and innovation, while supporting meetings.

On six floors, a total of 24 meeting rooms – 14 formal and 10 informal – as well as eight SilentLab MICROOFFICES® have been added.

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Love That Design

Trendspotting 2021: The Building Blocks of Good Acoustics

About 3 in every 10 persons suffer from a lack of acoustic comfort in their workplace. LOVE THAT DESIGN has put together a list of top acoustic elements to consider during the fit-out stage, and tapped into their talented and network of consultants to share their advice, tips, and tricks. Meet our MICROOFFICE® here!

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AV Technology


SilentLab partners up with NTT to bring you the ultimate video conference space equiped with the lastest AV technology in combination with excellent acoustic performance – all while maintaining its clean lines and unique design.

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Modular Workspace

A space that grows to meet your needs

Many successful companies find themselves outgrowing their meeting rooms before they’ve even had a chance to settle in. MICROOFFICE® QUADRIO is an original modular workspace that allows offices to scale up and keep pace with rapidly-expanding teams.

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Clarity System

MICROOFFICE® is your safe haven

Safe and sound. That’s exactly how we want you to feel in our MICROOFFICE® during these insecure days. To guarantee you both, we are introducing our Clarity System.

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