Discover the joint CASE STUDY of SilentLab and VERTI

„The Czech companies SilentLab and VERTI paid great
attention to the simplicity and functionality of space, which
was designed with regard to our clients and the character of
meetings. The result is a clean, minimalistic, monochromatic
and, despite this, very comfortable working environment.“

“Simple, elegant, fully functional and focused on specific clientele.” That was the assignment
for the new offices and meeting space at the law firm Kocian Solc Balastik. What is important
to the law firm in meetings with clients is a representative appearance and high discretion,
which has to be matched by the interior of the meeting rooms. In order to achieve maximum
noise reduction, as well as to maintain the elegance and airiness of the whole concept,
SilentLab proposed using STILL acoustic wall tiles. The tile colours were chosen to match
the law firm’s whole interior. One of the key tasks was the flexible division of the meeting
space. In cooperation with our affiliate VERTI, the law firm’s meeting room was supplemented
with a mobile STILL MOTION acoustic wall with the same concept as STILL acoustic panels.
The products delivered were designed and installed in such a manner that they optimised
the size and acoustics of the relevant space with a focus on the variable size of meeting
rooms, in accordance with the client’s current needs.
The office concept strictly complied with the requirement for neutral materials, colours
and textures, which give a balanced, elegant impression. The open, airy space, together
with the symmetrical layout, helped create a comfortable working environment.

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