From our office to yours

Glass roof

Let the natural light in through the glass roof built into our MICROOFFICE® UNIQ.

98% natural materials

We place a strong value on using natural materials. Wood, glass and a variety of wool blends form the basis for all our MICROOFFICE® units.

Efficient ventilation system

Our highly efficient ventilation system keeps you comfortable while you work.

Meticulous attention to detail

From the design stage to production, our MICROOFFICE® units are under the watchful eyes of a team of specialists in acoustics, carpentry and upholstery.

Motion sensor

The motion sensor means the MICROOFFICE® only switches on when actively in use. The ventilation and lights go on when you come in and off when you go out.

Exclusive materials

We choose our materials with care and perform long-term testing to ensure absolute quality.

Replace individual panels

Whether changing your corporate colors or just looking to brighten up the office, you can change the color scheme of your MICROOFFICE® by switching out the upholstered paneling for another color. Replacing stained or damaged upholstery is just as easy.

Top acoustics

Solid wood, acoustic foam, double glazing and upholstered paneling all make the MICROOFFICE® a quiet refuge from the hustle and bustle of the office. The acoustics inside the unit remain calm and pleasant thanks to optimal placement of sound-absorbing materials. The outside upholstery also absorbs sound in the surrounding area.

Magnetic lock

The fittings are almost invisible, yet ensure maximum seal and impermeability to noise. Even this seemingly tiny detail plays a major role in the excellent acoustic performance of the MICROOFFICE®.

MICROOFFICE® vs. built-in phone booth


made in the Czech Republic