The latest addition to our SPARK FAMILY

MICROOFFICE® SPARK⁴ has evolved from the successful models of SPARK and SPARK². The SPARK FAMILY sets itself apart from other MICROOFFICE® models with its easily maintainable exterior, made of powder-coated steel. This makes it a great fit for manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and office spaces.

Small or large?

MICROOFFICE® SPARK⁴ is the largest size model, comfortably accommodating up to four people. It creates a soundproof meeting room where you can peacefully gather with your team or conduct important discussions. On the other hand, MICROOFFICE® SPARK is designed for a single person, providing an ideal spot for quiet phone calls or online meetings, while SPARK² is suitable for two people for private one-to-one meetings. With our SPARK FAMILY, we cater to everyone’s needs.

Metallic exterior, cozy interior

The SPARK FAMILY is equipped with the same quality technology and attention to detail as other MICROOFFICE® models. Inside, you’ll feel exceptionally cosy with upholstered walls, comfortable seating, highly effective ventilation, pleasant lighting, and quality ergonomics. Not to mention the top-notch acoustics – the SPARK FAMILY is characterized by high acoustic resilience, suitable for any demanding manufacturing and logistics facilities with high noise intensity.

“Every year, we strive to introduce entirely new concepts and products within our product lines, which puts us one step ahead of global competition with our innovations. What we enjoy most about our work is representing a purely Czech brand abroad, and even the most discerning clients appreciate it,” says Business Director and co-founder Jan Kanka. SilentLab is led by Jan Kanka, Jaroslav Vendl, and Petr Konecny.

Investing in our booths pays off

If your company relocates to different offices, you can easily take the SPARK models with you, just like other MICROOFFICE® models. It’s also possible to easily replace the exterior cladding, customizing your MICROOFFICE® with different colors, especially during renovations or rebranding efforts.

Take a look at the overview of all our MICROOFFICE® types and choose for yourself.