Our silence is officially exceptional

We couldn’t be happier! The latest measurements by TZUS (Technical and Test Institution for Construction Prague)
showed that MICROOFFICE® has the best acoustics on the market.

The tests that showed the exceptional qualities of our MICROOFFICE® were carried out according to the new ISO 23351-1:2020, now used for all soundproofed spaces in the world. The results speak quite clearly: you will not find a mini office with better acoustics on the market. After the award-winning design, top-notch ventilation and excellent lighting, this makes just one more reason the MICROOFFICE® is worth the investment.

Good office acoustics improve efficiency and work productivity as much as employee happiness. We offer a space in which you can focus on work or have a lively discussion without disrupting anyone around you. Even better, the upholstered surface makes the MICROOFFICE® act as a giant sound-absorbing panel, significantly improving the acoustic conditions outside the unit as well.

Now we have confirmation of what we’ve known all along: the silence in our MICROOFFICE® is exceptional.