Minimalist, functional design and high-performance ventilation are winning accolades – and office furniture design awards – for SilentLab’s MICROFFICE®. This year MICROOFFICE® QUADRIO I won except of BigSee Award also the Archiproducts Design Awards.

About the Archiproducts Design Awards: These awards are given by an international jury of experts approached by Archiproducts, which operates a large catalogue dedicated to design and architecture. The annual competition aims to discover and reward unique design across a variety of categories.

MICROOFFICE® forms the core of our product portfolio and we worked with top-notch architects, acoustics specialists and ventilation experts to develop it. We are extremely proud that three of our products stood out among such strong competition from around the world,” comments Jaroslav Vendl, co-founder of SilentLab, on his feelings about the recognition. “Besides being a point of pride, this means incredibly valuable new contacts for us as well. Many foreign architects and designers use the Archiproducts catalogue, for instance. Being part of this community allows us to reach a much wider range of potential partners,” adds Jan Kaňka, another co-founder.