MICROOFFICE® also now available at Frankfurt school of finance & management

“CO___LAB is more than an office. It has been thoughtfully
redesigned around the principle of human interaction
to strengthen the experience on an operational, physical,
and mental level.”

One of Europe‘s leading business schools, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management provides an excellent education in management and finance. In 2022 the school completely modernized its student-faicing working areas.

These spaces have been redesigned to serve not only as a stylish office space, but more importantly as a flexible meeting point for students and advisors. The Frankfurt School had long struggled with acoustic problems and decided to work with the design team of Plot Twist Placemaking and Studio Kuyvenhoven to solve them. The entire new concept was developed based on a questionnaire in which employees shared the key aspects they wanted to change. Most participants agreed that the main issue was poor acoustic conditions in the premises, so the new design focused on creating a place suitable for work as well as meeting, discussing and thinking about new projects. Another key priority involved maximizing use of natural materials with an emphasis on sustainability and simple minimalist design.

The result is an elegantly conceived meeting place called CO___LAB, which represents a unique social space solution based on promoting human interaction, social values and sustainability. The entire complex is designed with an eye to using open space with a variety of seating options, wooden elements, greenery and technological technology on the one hand, and other spaces providing maximum privacy and acoustic comfort on the other. MICROOFFICE® meeting rooms from SilentLab provide better acoustics and quiet space to work or hold uninterrupted online meetings or phone calls. Based on the requirements, the designers selected MICROOFFICE® PRIME for one person and MICROOFFICE® QUADRIO I for up to four people. The entire CO___LAB workspace can thus adapt to the needs of each individual.

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